Designing spaces that echo your essence

We are London architects who translate your values, passions, and aspirations into personalized home designs that resonate with your soul

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We're London architects who translate your values, passions, and aspirations into personalized home designs that resonate with your soul

Your Home - Your Story

We know something about you. You found yourself on the verge of embarking on a renovation, extension, or a new-build project. However, the designs you come across pose a significant challenge – they are either too generic, overly trendy, too subdued, too extravagant, not extravagant enough… It is really a challenge to find designs that truly resonate with your personality and identity. You seek a home that will authentically mirror your essence in every corner and crevice.

As you dive into research, identifying elements that appeal to you, the challenge becomes apparent. How do you seamlessly integrate varied preferences into a cohesive whole? Ensuring that your space not only looks appealing but also functions seamlessly with your lifestyle adds another layer of complexity. Questions about planning, sustainability, and finding a reliable builder begin to create a sense of unease and uncertainty.
Fear not, we helped so many clients in transforming their homes into genuine reflections of themselves. Our specialization lies in translating your distinct personality into your home. We understand that your home should not conform to a detached style but should instead seamlessly embody your true essence. First, we will learn who you are—your quirks, what makes you light up, and what gets you excited, and what captivates you. We will unveil your passions while actively involving you in the creative process. We take on the burden of planning intricacies, builder selection, and meticulous detailing, ensuring that the entire process is stress-free. You get to be part of the fun stuff—the creative journey. As for the tedious administrative tasks? That’s our domain. Your dream home, uniquely yours and in perfect harmony with your lifestyle, all without the hassle. Let’s embark on this exciting, enjoyable, and stress-free journey together!

Designing the KAR Studio way

Designing the KAR Studio way

KAR Studio will become your co-creator of the home that resonates with your soul and fully reflects your authentic self. To achieve this we follow 5 key principles of engagement:
With us, your home is not just a project; it’s a piece of you, brought to life with care, technology, and a commitment to doing things right.

Meet the team

Kira Ariskina (BA (HONS), PgDIP, ARB, RIBA). Director

Kira established KAR Studio in 2016, following a distinguished career with several award-winning international architectural firms in London. A registered architect since 2013, Kira earned her architectural degree from the Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL). Her portfolio spans high-profile design projects in the UK, China, Russia, and Abu Dhabi, showcasing a robust context-based design methodology. Specializing in high-density residential, masterplanning, and mixed-use sectors, Kira thrives on challenging sites, leveraging her expertise in tackling flood zones, tight urban spaces, and sites with unconventional planning constraints. Her approach seamlessly blends the efficiencies of large-scale projects into smaller ones, creating unique individuality even for substantial urban entities.

Liidia Grinko (Dip.Arch Arkitekt MNAL). Consultant Architect & Technical Lead

Liidia, an Architect MNAL with a decade of professional expertise gained from architectural practices in Norway and the UK, is an integral member of our team. Her experience spans various project types, including cultural, healthcare, residential, and commercial buildings, as well as urban landscapes, predominantly in later project stages. Liidia recently contributed to the design of the New National Museum in Oslo with Kleihues+Schuwerk architects. Having earned her education at Kingston University in London and being registered with the National Association of Norwegian Architects, Liidia brings a robust skill set and a wealth of knowledge to KAR Studio. Her organizational and communication prowess has allowed her to successfully manage design processes, collaborating seamlessly with both internal and external design teams. Liidia is not only a creative problem-solver but also possesses a keen eye for detail, ensuring the delivery of high-quality work even on demanding and complex architectural projects. Her drive, supportiveness, and positive contribution to the social environment make her a valued team member, enhancing the overall dynamics of our collaborative workspace.

Richard Tremeer (B Build B Arch (UPE). Collaborator

Richard, founder of To-Do Design since 2015, brings a rich background in architecture, having led and collaborated with acclaimed practices such as ALL Design, PRP & Collada Collins. With a focus on directing mixed-use schemes locally and internationally, Richard’s expertise lies in obtaining complex planning consents that significantly enhance the value of client projects. His design philosophy centers on simplicity, rooted in a core concept that carefully considers both the project brief and its context. Richard combines conceptual development with transparency, a strong commercial approach, and a willingness to embrace playful intervention. His meticulous attention to the arrangement of space, material selection, and detailing results in distinctly detailed architecture with a clear relationship to its unique context.

Roxanne Ogayon (BA (Hons)). Architectural Assistant

Roxanne stands out as a skilled Part I architectural assistant, bringing a unique blend of design flair and a meticulous eye for detail to the team. Proficient in major software and visualization techniques, she adds a distinctive touch with her proficiency in hand sketching. Roxanne’s versatility and invaluable contributions make her an essential and diverse member of our team.
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